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We're Bringing Out Your Nature!®

In 1983 Scott Kennedy founded Sea Veg®, USA (now FarmaSea® Inc.). He began researching and promoting the value of sea vegetation in human nutrition, after his mother's Multiple Sclerosis went into remission within 90 days of taking sea plants supplements. Scott became a distributor for those products and began to study under his mentor, Dr. Joseph Wachter, Jr. Scott went on to become the largest and most successful distributor in the 69 year history of their family-owned company. To date, no one has ever matched his success. It was with Wachter's that Scott learned about organic nutrition, the supplement industry, the Big Pharma vitamin industry, and human biology in general. Scott's mentor died suddenly in 1988 from complications from a car accident. In 1999, with the help of his new mentor, friend and Scientific Advisor Stefan Kraan, PhD (Marine Botany), Scott created the FarmaSea® Blend of Sea Plants, and began globally importing various comprehensive species form clean waters around the world. Together, they created what is now considered the most powerful blend of edible sea plants on Earth, containing 12 specific species chosen from 10,000 varieties. Imported from Asia, France, Iceland and Ireland, these powerfully nutritious and unmatched plants are delivered as a definitive dietary food supplement in 100% vegetable capsules called, Super Sea Veg® by FarmaSea®. This proprietary blend out performs any pharmaceutical agent in the world today, as it relates to biological health. 

The goals of FarmaSea® are to announce, expose, bring light to, and educate people (we call it Sea-Veg-ucation) about the problem and offer our “solution from the sea.” Einstein said, “The present problems cannot be solved with the same thinking that created them” (modern science) and “once you truly understand the problem, the solution is obvious,” and “Intellectuals figure out problems. Genius' prevent them.” Supplementing with what we’re missing in our diet, whole vegetable compounds, instead of man-made synthetics, is wise, prudent and sensible. 

We plan to provide an increasing host of superior and affordable health and wellness products and continue to develop brand extensions to our loyal clientele and distributors. Our successful model stems from a track record of safety and efficacy, superior Intellectual Property and a Wealth of Scientific Underpinning, along with the commitment of Dr. Kraan and Scott Kennedy. We have, and will continue to reach the mass audience, just when they begin to look closer at their store- bought supplements, and begin demanding en masse, a vegetable and green solution, where the synthetic and yellow imposter has failed them.